A popular style of sportfish boats, convertibles have been doing the heavy lifting for offshore and deep-sea fishing for many years. Known for their profile with a long bow and tall stature fitted with multiple levels accessed by ladders, the majority of the action happens in the cockpit. Some models are designed with multi-level cockpits, which help to separate those who are fishing from those who are just observing. For the on-lookers onboard, the higher you go, the better you can see where the fish might be hiding in the water.

Like all fishing boats, convertibles have evolved overtime, making them more suitable for family cruising. While fishing is still the name of the game, today’s models are packed with expansive, stylish accommodations that suit any guest onboard. Regardless of size or price, convertibles are ideal for those looking for range, comfort and seakeeping abilities needed for sportfishing. Most owners view their boats as tools— a way to get out to the fishing grounds to land a few granders.

Convertibles will always be known as the gold-standard for serious offshore anglers. Considering that almost all models are over 30’ in length—many even 40’ or larger—these giants are equipped for long runs through open water. In terms of power, you’ll generally find inboards, twin diesel engines, or pod drives propelling these boats. But, it’s also not uncommon to see gasoline engines on smaller models. Naturally, the price of a large, new convertible will typically run in the millions; however, you can find older models at a more reasonable price. With their large aft cockpits and tall flying bridges, these saltwater fishing boats will always be a dreamboat for anyone interested in deep-sea fishing. When using a convertible boat, consider how you’ll be using it most—100 percent hardcore angling, or family-style cruising with a side of offshore fishing?