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  • Powered by nature instead of an engine.
  • Sailing traces back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.
  • Sailing is an official Olympic sport since the modern games began in 1896.

There are few boating activities that people get as passionate about as sailing, whether they’re old salts or just learning how to sail a boat. Most sailors are quite dedicated to the sport, and many dream of setting sail for extended voyages around the globe; read Living the Sailing Dream, to gain some insight into how one adventurer was drawn to the sailing lifestyle. Others revel in the thought of racing sailboats competitively, which can be quite a physical and mental challenge; don’t forget that sailing is even an Olympic event.

So, what’s the big attraction? There’s no denying the draw of boating without burning any fossil fuels. When sailing you’re charged with harnessing the raw power of nature, the wind itself, to provide your boat’s energy. And the attempt to do so is based in knowledge and technique that runs far deeper than what’s required to captain a powerboat. For racers sailing is also something of a chess game, with strategy and the execution of that strategy making the difference between a knot or two of speed – and between winning or losing the race. The rich history of sailing is another point of interest for many people, and it can be seen even in modern sailboats. Many still carry classic lines and are considered works of art by their owners, just as much as they’re considered vehicles for recreation.

When all is said and done, however, the biggest single attraction of sailing is the same as it is with other forms of boating: spending quality time with family, and bringing everyone closer together. And, unlike some other boating activities, sailing takes true cooperation amongst the crew. There are lines to be trimmed, winches to be turned, and sails to be tweaked, with everyone working together to keep the boat moving.

Anyone considering sailing should be sure to read Five Reasons You Should Own a Sailboat, which, as the author points out, would put you in the company of people like Richard Branson, Morgan Freeman, and Ted Turner. Oh yes, and also Captain Jack Sparrow.

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