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Day Cruising

  • One of the most popular forms of boating, as the only limit is for overnight stays.
  • Ideal for island and beach hopping.
  • Great for sightseeing as well as "dock and dine" restaurants.

One of the most popular forms of boating is day cruising, since this catch-all term can include almost limitless activities. You may want to take the kids cruising to a beach for swims and picnics, run across the bay for a meal at a waterfront restaurant, visit a historic town by water, or just meander up a river to see the sights. All of these are different forms of day cruises.

Taking your boat for a day cruise opens up new horizons that land-locked people will never enjoy, and can even put places you’ve been before into a completely new perspective. Read through the pages of our On The Water section, and you’ll see what we mean in no time. In National Cherry Blossom Festival: Boating on the Potomac River,for example, we take a look at how unique a visit to the nation’s capital can be when experienced by boat. Sure, countless people visit DC each and every year to view those trees – but only a fraction get to experience the awesome sight of thousands of blossoming trees from the water-side view.

Another great thing about day cruising is that it can be done from virtually any type or size boat. A simple, inexpensive runabout can get the job done. Yet you can also go for a day-long cruise on a yacht or even a saltwater fishing boat. And who knows what you’ll see along the way – wildlife of endless varieties, hulking wrecks, historic lighthouses, and ocean-going ships are just a few of the things that you might encounter. After you’ve bought a boat and filled the fuel tank there’s no cost of admission for day cruising, and few experiences are more likely to entertain the entire family while bringing everyone aboard closer together.

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