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The Art of the Pontoon

Since 1972, Tahoe has been committed to building the highest quality pontoon boats, all manufactured right here in the USA. We specialize in luxury, high-performance boats and offer them at an exceptional value. Highlighting our commitment to quality, all Tahoe pontoons come with a lifetime structural warranty alongside our comprehensive 10-year warranty.

Tahoe Pontoon Boat

Current Tahoe Pontoon Boat Models

About Tahoe Pontoon

For 47 years Tahoe Pontoons have been providing family memories on the water. During that time Tahoe Pontoons has grown from humble beginnings to a world leader in the marine industry.

Now offering 3 categories of 8 district levels of boats with over 100 variations of interior designs, colors and styles. In the largest vertically integrated pontoon boat manufacturing plant in the world, we create the highest quality components—pontoons, framing, furniture, and more. As a result, we have a much higher degree of control over the production and quality of our finished Pontoon Boats.

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