Godfrey Pontoons just launched a new co-flagship. The Godfrey XP joins the company’s existing Sanpan Series but where the Sanpan is the king of comfort, the XP is the queen of speed. The XP 2500 and 2700 models come with long lists of personalization choices but also extensive inventories of standard equipment which is refreshing to see on models of this caliber.

All About Choices

When considering an XP tritoon, you must first decide whether you want the 2700 (27’ 4” LOA) or the 2500 (25’ 6” LOA). The 2700 comes with a choice of a single or twin Mercury V10 engines while the 2500 offers only a single Mercury or Yamaha outboard.

Godfrey XP Tritoon Boat

Above: A 2024 Godfrey XP 2700 tritoon / pontoon boat underway on the water. Photo by Godfrey Pontoons.

Once the basics are identified, you then decide whether you want a windshield which will dictate the availability of a few other interior features. Finally, you choose from seven unique exterior colors, five interior vinyl trim options, and four flooring choices. Godfrey now offers a 3D online configurator so you can build a realistic looking boat before you open your wallet.

Boat Tested

Our test boat was 2700 with twins in Verde Lime green with Harbor Grey flooring. The interior was decked out in Onyx and Lime upholstery with Cool Touch technology that keeps vinyl up to 10 degrees cooler in direct sunlight, so you don’t leave skin behind when you sit down on a hot day.

2024 Godfrey XP 2700 Tritoon Pontoon Boat

Above: A 2024 Godfrey XP 2700 tritoon / pontoon boat underway on the water. Photo by Godfrey Pontoons.

All XP models are built on 29-inch tubes in three lengths and one standard 8’ 6” beam. Nine to twelve people can be accommodated onboard depending on the propulsion package specified. The boat weighs 5,542 pounds (dry). When twins are selected, onboard fuel is 121 gallons and with a single engine, it’s 61 gallons.

Quite a bit of fiberglass trim has been incorporated into the XP. Both the bow and stern showcase fiberglass accents that integrate nicely with the painted aluminum skin. The combination gives the model a smooth and sporty appearance without obvious visible exterior aluminum supports and that visually separates this boat from others in its class.

Premium Tunes And Lighting

Godfrey focused a lot of attention and a significant portion of the overall cost on the premium JL Audio sound system. This 27-foot platform carries two 800-watt amps and a DSP hub, two subwoofers, four 8.8-inch speakers and four 7.7inch speakers. The sound will literally blow you out of the water like it did us and that was at only half volume. There’s even a remote control head mounted low on the aft deck where it can be reached easily from the water. This premium audio system is standard and only the tower speakers are optional.

The XP has high/low beam docking lights and phenomenal mood lighting with individually addressable LEDs for underdeck, under seat and courtesy lighting. The color range is impressive and the effect at night is mind-blowing when sights and sounds combine into one mesmerizing effect.

A Focus On Comfort And Functionality

Stepping aboard, we found two long lounges at the bow with another two aft where you can add a table onto the powered mount. Twin aft-facing jump seats are on the back deck with batteries installed below. Front and back gates make it easy to board from either end and the stainless steel Comfort Climb ladder is a snap to use by anyone exiting the water. A powered tower holds an 11-foot powered canopy.

The helm is to starboard with one standard Simrad NSX 12 display. A second one is optional. A 7-inch Enovation screen with a custom interface controls the lighting and sound systems. It was designed for simplicity without deep menus, so you don’t need to be a tech wizard to control the basic functionality of your boat.

At The Helm

The throttles as well as the Mercury Joystick are outboard and ergonomically situated for easy use. Our test boat had a low-profile walk-through windshield with another Enovation screen available on the companion side. Both the driver and companion enjoy bucket seats that can swivel to face the social activity in the back of the boat.

Godfrey Pontoon

Above: The helm station on a 2024 Godfrey XP 2700 tritoon / pontoon boat. Photo by Godfrey Pontoons.

Lockable and lighted storage is on the companion side and it’s great for hiding small valuables. Altogether, 12 lighted cupholders (two of which are also cooled) are strategically positioned around the boat so everyone will be able to set down their drink and plug into one of the two USB charging ports at the bow and another two at the stern. There’s even a wireless phone charger.

It's impressive that most of the equipment described above comes standard with the model you select. In fact, the meager options list is limited to an additional table, a cavernous in-floor storage for waterskis and rods, and just a handful of other features.


We tested the XP 2700W (windshield model) with twin 400-hp Mercury motors on the flat waters of Lake Havasu which straddles the California/Arizona border and is basically a wide bulge in the Colorado River that flows through the desert. Our top speed was 63.5 mph at 5900 rpm. Technically, the rpms should have reached 6300 and delivered a bit more speed but company reps noted that the wrong props were installed. Nevertheless, 63 mph delivered an exhilarating wind-smacking experience. Idle was around 1000 rpm and 6.1 mph and we had a nice cruise around 3000 rpm and 28 mph.

Godfrey XP 2700 with Twin Mercury V10 400HP Outboard Engines

Above: A 2023 Godfrey XP 2700 tritoon / pontoon boat with twin Mercury V10 400HP outboard engines. Photo by Godfrey Pontoons.

Time to plane was 2.5 seconds and time to 30 mph was just under six seconds. The Mercury V10 400s are blissfully quiet and other than wind noise, we mostly heard the clear stereo tunes which at half volume delivered an eardrum-piercing full range.

The XP feels solid and the turns are fluid and precise at speed. There was no slipping or digging in and although quick, the sharp turns always felt controlled. For close quarters maneuvering, the best bet is the Mercury Joystick. Not only does it have the Skyhook dynamic positioning system for station keeping when the wind is kicking up, it also makes docking a breeze. You could choose to simply maneuver with the twin engines, but the joystick makes it infinitely easier to spin and even move directly sideways.

Long Live The Queen

Godfrey considers the XP to be different from, but no less the co-flagship with, their Sanpan line. The new series was developed with a performance-oriented buyer in mind, and the company may consider offering Mercury’s 450R racing engines in the future although more horsepower isn’t necessary.

The Indiana company is building out their offering with models for everyone. At $345,000, our test boat wasn’t entry level by any means but for those looking for speed and an appealing aesthetic, the XP is likely to enjoy a long reign as the queen of the fleet.

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