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With almost forty years of every aspect of boatbuilding, Stephen Dougherty, and his team of craftsmen and women, continue to carry on the legacy of his father, Bob. The days of building boats in Rockland, Mass. as a young kid have transitioned into what is now the pinnacle of a lifetime of achievements, SŌLACE Boats. Born with DNA profoundly comprised of engineering, creativity and passion, the award-winning designs of SŌLACE boats will continue on with the Dougherty legacy resonating with fishermen, families and competitors.

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Beyond the materials, our most important and valuable asset is our team. Without these incredible men and women who work day in and day out with a passion for the product, SŌLACE simply could not exist. Hailing from all areas of the industry and across the many boat types we have seen introduced in the last century, we have centuries of experience. The most passionate builders have come to join SŌLACE on this journey, innovators, dreamers. It has been said this is a ‘dream team’ and those words could not be truer.

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